A conversation between two brothers one a Fringe Millennial and the other a pure Generation Z

We are both stuck in the house and this has to be the longest we have been stuck indoors together. As we watch the dark clouds role over, we cannot help but remember the good old days where we could go out as we wished. He should be in school now and I should be at work. ‘How did we get here?’ -is the question we start asking ourselves.

He quips we have refused to take care of nature and now it is punishing us. I look at him and laugh, agreeing with him. I mean, just look around. Let’s start with climate change. We have decided to completely disagree on what we can all clearly see. Our carbon emissions are at an all-time high. The result of this is that, over the years, the size of the North Pole and South Pole have constantly decreased in size due to global warming. Weather patterns have changed dramatically. Just look at our country as an example. It was raining in January. What was supposed to be summer turned out to be winter. We cut forests like a hobby in the name of building magnificent structures. This has resulted in reduction of forest cover. Forest are the lungs of the world and the reduction in forest cover means more carbon emissions and damage to the ozone layer. Do not get me started on elephant poaching and the loss of one of the greatest tuskers on earth- Satao. (May he rest in peace.)

Yes, he replies, and now Mother Nature has decided to take matters into her own hands. We bit the hand that feeds us. She is back with a vengeance. If the extreme weather patterns were not going to work, disappearance of flora and fauna, carbon related diseases or the rising in sea levels she would pull the ultimate play to teach us a lesson and use the one who tried to destroy her as the main actor. As much as we are in a pandemic, the environment appears to be happy with the much-needed ventilator. Remember the other day when we saw the monkeys outside the house, and they chased us? Remember how they mocked us the way we do when we go to the zoo? Places like Mumbai finally have clear skies, and this has not been seen for almost 10 years. In parks like Kruger National Park, lions can be seen lying freely on the road calm with no care as they know humans are not allowed. In almost every major city, animals are returning. Did you see the drama caused once again by monkeys in Thailand?  Or the two Pandas that were finally able to procreate since there is less scrutiny into their private lives from humans after years of trying to make them do so? Due to this pandemic, the number of trees being cut appear to have reduced as we are all home.

“But why brother”, he continues, “Why do we agree on everything even Tik Tok except protecting our home?” Honestly, I reply I do not have an answer to this. All I know is that it is our duty; you and I no matter how small the action may be to start taking care of our home. Just like the way you clean your room and make your bed every day, do the same for the environment.

“You know” he says, “I agree with you. Sadly, it is us: you a fringe millennial; and, me a generation Z who are bearing the brunt and will continue bearing the brunt of not taking care of what we have.» Our parents are lucky they will escape this largely unscathed but me and you, oh men! We must take a stand. We do not need a pandemic to tell us that Mother Nature is falling apart. We do not need for a whole forest to be cut down so that we know that we should care for the environment. We don’t need to see a whole species going extinct and we have a voice don’t we?”

“I guess maybe it is high time we went back to our ancestors’ way; seeing things that we are one with- nature, seeing God and ourselves in it”, I say.

The winds start blowing and the rain starts pouring. It seems today we shall have another black out.


Ted Leshan Murimi Gitonga, a pure Generation Z


Tevin Mwenda Gitonga, a fringe Millennial