A Letter to a Dear Friend

Dear friend,
If I was poetic enough, I would write this in a poem. Or perhaps even a song if I was gifted with the capacity to do so. I am not. Will you accept this earnestly written letter instead? I promise it shall be short. As short as your lovely self is. I chose this platform because that way, this letter shall be written in stone and thrown in the clouds where no one can erase the words.
If I could make just one request, which would mark all the days I have left, I would rather not be known for treasures or fame, or trophies and accolades I know will fade. Instead I would rather be known, as one who was a friend in deed. I would rather be known for patience and long suffering. I would rather be known for the kindness and love that I show. I would rather be known as a giver of life by the words that I speak. I would rather be known as one who acted with grace.
This is the person I desire to be because this is the person you are. It is so strange to think that a person who is of the human species can be as thoughtful as you are. Your patience and kindness cannot be quantified. I remember all the conversations we have had over ice cream. You have been so candid with me. This type of candidness is one that I have only experienced perhaps two other times in my lifetime. That says a lot considering I have lived more than two decades. Unlike many in the world, you would rather be loved deeply than widely. Your soft spoken nature which you tag as boring is the gentlest quality you possess. I can only strive to be a better friend to you just as you have been to me.
I shall not say much, I promised to keep it short. I hope this shall serve as a gift to you, just as you are a gift to me. I am utterly convinced that every good and perfect gift comes from God. Therefore, I honour you with this letter, just as you have constantly honoured me in private. They say the grass is greener on the other side. I say, I am not crossing if you don’t come along.
Till next time

Vision Sifuma (22)