Eyes wide open

Eyes wide open,

Dorn it now,

How is not for now, Hurry,

Hurry my dear here,

Near the distance seen,

Lean no longer,

Greater the effort put,

But not to be spoken,

Open it seems

Redeems, though there is absurdity,

Superiority all the more,

Care, dearest, take care,

Dare not let it slip,

Dip into the practice,

Advice she gives for free,

Agree, it’s best,

Lest all is lost,

Most work already done,

Overdone but still run,

Fun of a different kind,

Mind, their eyes are wide open.





Frustrated as it is soon to be illustrated,

Dedicated and then brought crushing,

Not a peep from even a cricket,

It’s as quiet as a grave,

But as peaceful as a war,

The inner struggle striving,

Hard enough in order to be seen,

Soon enough it will all be out,

The time is coming,

It will be soon,

So I’ll simply close my eyes,

And imagine the soft breeze,

The cool whisper of a trickling stream,

The singing of the morning birds,

The cooing of the calming dove,

As the peace returns,

It comes with anxiety,

Of wanting something,

That you just cannot find,

Of sitting back,

When you need to stand,

Of relaxing in the shade,

While others fight and die in the war.


Joy Murugi Kuira (18)

Student of commerce