False Fidelity

A blinding sense of security,

Their defences coming undone,

Each in the others obscurity,

They would become one,

The lad, he chose to avert his eyes,

From the gaze of her own,

For in them, lay not the truth nor lies,

But the hollow that was his soul,

T’was too vast for her to fill,

Too cold for her to warm up,

Unwanted, but longing still,

For her tears to fill his cup,

In this longing he would stare,

Into the deep and piercing blue,

Finding her so vast and so bare,

For she, just as he, was empty too,

The lady would be taken by sleep,

And with his beloved hushed,

He began counting sheep,

And the hearts he’d crushed,

With his own he’d always begin,

For it was the first to break,

And in it lay the greatest sin,

And his chambermate, heartache,

His heavy heart slumber would claim,

Leaning in, her forehead he kissed,

Laying himself to rest hoping his name,

Come morning, would be off her list.


Ian Makamara