Happily Never After

If ever this was a fairytale, then the end seems far in sight and completely unpredictable
You are the prince my heart would choose but the kingdom would not let me have
You are the knight in shining armor to rescue the princess from her biggest enemy, herself
But then throw her back into the dungeon.
Or perhaps the pauper my heart would choose but be forbidden to love?

If ever this was a fairytale, then love seems to have gone awry.
This fairytale seems to have broken all rules of fairytales,
Most especially the cardinal of all- Happily ever after
For I am a princess at your mercy, forlorn
With no royal power to resist you
You that is the villain by day,
But my knight by night.

How can the same prince to kiss me at midnight, dance with another in a ball?
While I watch, while the kingdom watches
And every royal bone in my body aches with pain.

I have lost my prince charming, but I hold on to him still.
I am a beauty fast asleep, awaiting that kiss of life
I am a princess in grave danger waiting to be rescued
I have waited for my lost shoe to be rightly fitted on my foot
I have waited for my midnight kiss once again
From a price that will not show
A prince that has found love in another castle.

Perhaps I was after all the pauper, that had hoped to be seen as worthy of a prince’s love
But my happily ever after is far out of reach, oh so elusive
And I guess I am no Cinderella.

But still, I keep my hope alive
It’s all I have
I hope that my prince will show
That he will get some semblance of a memory of me
And come back to me
Come back to my castle
And call out from below
And I shall plait my hair into a long braid
And throw it down for him to come up
And keep me company in my loneliness and solitude.
And give me back my peace
My clarity
My serenity
My royalty
My happily ever after.


Angela Mukora (19)