My first time

I remember sitting down across him in the hallway . I was smartly dressed to say the least adorned in my new chic black trench coat; I mean, you have to make a good impression the first time, right? My lips pursed together tightly as if in fear that words would suddenly come gushing from my mouth incoherently without my consent. I could not see anybody else . My mind was a whirlwind of uncoordinated thoughts. Do I look okay? Can he tell how nervous I am? What if I end up being bad at this? My eyes were fixed on him , sitted authoritatively at the podium . His eyes, on the other hand,  were sweeping across the room assessing if everything was in place and just right before he commenced
» Wow, this is actually happening. »

I remember whispering to myself .
How had I made it this far? How had I managed to overcome everything and still show my face here?
It had all boiled down to this one moment. Here. Now . With me seated cluelessly not knowing what I was in for, not understanding exactly what I was getting myself into. I could feel my hands become moist as the seconds trickled by . I was so stiff till he softly called out my name. I lifted my head up slowly fearing that I’d be met with awkward stares or worse yet, laughs.

» Yes, thats me.»

A somewhat meek voice managed to emanate from within me .
The rest of the hour practically flew by as I listened on. He was captivating. Precise. A sense of humour that would send the whole lot of us in effortless uproar. Truly unforgettable.
Mr. Muinde effortlessly and with the loveliest flare gave an experience befitting, and indeed one going beyond my expectations of my first time in a lecture.


Keiilah Okari,
Prosecutors Class