My Memory of Introduction to Law

Regarding this, my memory is quite hazy as I have had to remember too many things including birthdays and anniversaries.  Anyway, the first memory I have of Introduction to Law (ITL) was the first class being in the afternoon; Professor Legarre (herein after referred to as Santi) not in attendance, in his place, Drs. Luis Franchesci and Miguel Lascheras. I did not really listen to whatever they said BUT I remember they passed the instruction to read Antigone. To be honest I never read Antigone; I simply could not get my mind around reading Antigone; I did not understand why we had to read it so I did not read it.
The first lesson with Santi: I was expecting a South American man with a heavy South American accent and a thick moustache. He had a weird, North Americanised accent which was quite shocking; I mean he could make full English sentences without emm ummm or some Spanish here and there.
Then came Antigone: I froze in my chair when all the references were being made to Antigone yet I could not use my laptop in class to do a quick Google search. Soon I got the hang of the story and thankfully the essay was optional; I never did it and here I confess.
THE AQUINAS READINGS: These were amazing! Step by step logic. I still could not wrap my head around how he knew his work so well, teaching without a book et al. The classes would force me to think. I love being forced to think. School never forced me to think. I never liked school for that reason. In high school, I passed my final exams without really reading (apart from History which was quite cool) hence, I did not really pass the other exams apart from Math and Physics, I digress.
I also remember the strange arguments in class where someone once made reference to different moralities. That was pretty weird. What is moral for you might not be moral for me! I thought that was utter **** but now it sort of makes sense I bet the ‘she’ that said that also did not believe what she said then so I’m sorry. Is it also in your class where Nyambura said animals were intelligent?
This is basically all I remember for ITL. I thought you were a really cool teacher in all senses of the term. It is an experience that every first year in Law School should have.

Sam Kisuu (22)