Play No Games


Play no games, ain’t nobody got time for that, 
Feelings? Pay no mind, there’s no point in trying to catch.
Know that even the Man can’t give you a dime for that, 

The wheels must turn, even when the fires burn.

You want fair play, balling with no hate, no shade, 
But life ain’t a game; there ain’t no ref. you can blame.
Don’t let them catch you out, make you bite on the fake and then fade,
No blood, no foul; don’t pretend you didn’t know the rules.

See we used to love, but of late things got tough, 
See we forgot the song our parents don’t sing no more.
When the going gets tough, no sorry, I’m gone that’s tough,
When we sing no more, love can’t be no more.

New plan, don’t fret, no need to tear your heart out, 
Keep your guard up; offense wins games, but the defense makes champions.
Arms length can’t let them take that shot. Not too close… they might just cross you out,
But there’s no trophies, thought we did this because we love the game.

It’s done, we’re done, you’re done; it’s time to throw the towel in, 
Wishing it would fade to black; funny how as kids the only thing we feared was dark.
Can’t play no games; no patience, no strength that I can put in,
Safety in nothing, clean like a net with no rim. No love, no feels – no wonder life has lost its spark.

Alexander Otuka