Bodies lie in the street
Vultures come to eat
we sit and wait
While Mothers, Fathers and Children wail

Why the animosity and hatred?
Why the carnage and self-destruction?
Is there any solace in plunder and murder?

You celebrate self determination today
tomorrow up in arms you chant self decimation
what has become of you
a mere killing field?
What happened to the beacon of hope you promised to be?

As Twitter buzzes with the trend #listen to South Sudan,
I urge you listen to yourself
Listen to the millions of cries
Of Innocent Children, Women and Men
From Nimule to Ar Rank.

It is time to put an end to these senseless atrocities
and seek protection for your future generations.
The differences of individuals ought not to mark the demise of a nation

Lots of scars have been left behind by previous conflicts
Why then continue with all this self-torment
Now is the time to discontinue the scarring and self-extermination of a people, a culture and a society.

There is no beauty and glory in bodies lining the streets.


Jean B. Kalima