Power of the mind. A series of stories empowering individuals



‘What do you bring to the table,’ If I may ask. Most people tend to give an answer of material things or benefits they feel that most people will appreciate. For me, my answer is me. I work on me to ensure that I become the best part of me. Here’s why.

 I remember the first time I heard the song ‘I am not my hair’ by India Arie. The lyrics of the song captivated me in an instance. As a young girl, learning to grow and develop into a strong and successful lady in a society with different people with different personalities was always a struggle. My inner battles of my indifference to people began to reflect in my life. I had not discovered the power of being different and being me. I did not appreciate my uniqueness. I only had regards to what society seemed to accept more.

Let’s groove to this beautiful song that opened me up to the realization that I am beautiful

In my own skin. ‘I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am not your expectations, no no’

This song spoke to me. It helped me embrace my nappy hair, my curves, my origin and African roots. I am more than what I can afford, material possessions and status. As India Arie says, I am the soul that lives within.

There is more to me. I refuse to be restrained by my past endeavors and society just to fit in. I have made the decision to spread my wings and soar on high. To let go and set myself free. The mind is like the engine of the human body. It can drive you crazy with many thoughts, it can make you happy or sad or drag you deep to depression.  It is never easy to accept that you need help especially when you had to grow up quickly and learn to be more independent and less trustful. It is important to show concern and care to our mental health and self-awareness.

My young fellas, it is important to accept yourself the way you are, learn to love yourself

And embrace the experiences that have made you to be strong and what you are today.

Life through history has always been unfair, hard or easy but there are people who lived

before us and surpassed all that life threw at them. I have learnt that self-love, self-care and self-acceptance helps in the growth and development of an individual.

It has become hard for my fellow individuals to resist the existence of my unique personality because I my own unique person, I designate within a special aura and if anybody doesn’t see that then too bad for them. The future is female. Better days are coming.

To keep on the positive track, it is important to be mindful of the people around you. If your friends make you feel like you need to change yourself then it is about time to cut them off. Be around people that make you love yourself more, appreciate you and your presence. People who help you grow into the best version of you are the ones to keep around. May the good always overweight the bad.

The future is female. It is important to appreciate individuality and personality.

Me signing out is a signature of my love to the stories I tell and to you reading this article.

–The best view comes from after the hardest climb. –


I take recognition to the words of a legend in the   hip hop culture who will always be relevant. He was lecturing us about the future with his lyrics. ‘The Hate You Give to little Infants F**s Everybody,’ without us knowing. Tupac was speaking of the truth, our truth and what is currently in existence.

I watched my friend, Elena, drink herself to sleep, go out with friends, who were more like acquaintances, weekly. It was saddening to see such a beautiful person hold so much pain that transformed her sweet self into someone unrecognizable to herself and others. What I mean is, I lost my friend to the pain she felt would never end. We used to tell everything to each other. She was always the first person I wanted to talk to or go to. I wondered what I had missed. I came to realize that there is nothing more that I could do but just be there for her. I waited for her to be ready to speak to me. My existence at that point and time was the most that I could offer without pushing her away.

What was the cause of so much pain, you may ask. See, not everybody gets to grow up in a complete and functional home. Not everybody grows up in a well-off family. In this century, now more than ever, most struggle for everything. Those closest to you have the power to hurt you the most. I knew Elena was raised by a single dad, but I did not know that this affected her so much. There is that kind of love that is irreplaceable and she desperately hungered for this love in fake friendships, relationships and other forms that she felt took away her pain.

She was not loved the way she wanted to be loved. She did not recognize that someone loved her and instead bottled herself in so much pain. Word, she did not know what it felt like to have your parents appreciate the achievements she had since her mother ran away and her father worked tirelessly to ensure she got to have the best life he could offer. She lacked presence, having someone there for her. Words of assurance and a few hours before school and after with her dad were not enough. It was only after writing what she felt to her dad that things started changing for the better. This was only after she got her heart broken severally from her many ‘situationships’.

This could be you or me. It could be things that happened to you, things that are still happening that are suffocating your progress in life, your ability to receive happiness, love, support and the other good things in life. Undealt situations find a way to prick us. They are like the thorns found in roses. It is important to find ways of dealing with our problems, difficult times and situations. I urge my dear readers to work everyday to be the best version of themselves and most importantly, to always be happy.

Me signing out is a signature of my love to the stories I tell and to you reading this article.

-The best view comes from the hardest climb. –

Njine Mariana