Rock bottom is where it began

Feeling misunderstood and misjudged,

Feeling unloved and uncared for,

Feeling hopeless and frustrated,

Feeling unhappy and unworthy,


No amount of tears brought calmness,

Words she uttered felt unnecessary,

Actions to redeem herself felt useless,

Thoughts consuming her mind brought her to her knees,

Every prayer whispered felt too shallow to be impactful,


Contemplating the need for her existence she thought,

Convincing herself that all will be well without her seeing another day,

Imagining her disappearance,

Dreaming about the darkest realities,

Wishing her heart would stop beating,

Holding her breath long enough to make it happen,

Feeling like she is drowning and doesn’t want to be saved,


Reaching his hand to her he did,

With tears in her eyes she looked up,

Where to begin she wondered,

How to cleanse her thoughts and beliefs,

How does light consume darkness she questioned.


At the edge of the cliff she was,

To let go of the rock she held onto and be swallowed by the waves,

To grab His hand and seek to live again,

Taking a deep breath she stretched her arm,

With vigor and relief He grabbed her,


Dark, gloomy sky turned blue,

Light shone from above,

Peace and strength filled every nerve,

Wanting to live and see another day she wished,

Revival she sought.


Shirlene Ndenga

Strathmore Law School