School Subjects? Helpful or just a Waste of Time?

Have you ever just sat down and wondered why you study so many different subjects in school that you never apply, use or even remember? ME TOO!!
Things I didn’t learn in high school: how to:-pay bills, buy a house or apply for college. But thank goodness I can graph a polynomial function.
One animation film I will forever love is Ratatouille. In a particular scene a lazy-eyed, grim-faced food critic—Anton Ego—walked into Gusteau’s Restaurant and ordered for “fresh, clear well-seasoned perspective” and asked the waiter to suggest wines that could go with that. The waiter’s blank eyes blinked shiftily and one could only pity his baffled expression. He then asked the waiter to bring the food, and he’ll provide the perspective.
Well, the issue of perspective as a whole is another article altogether. Many trenchant views have been shared when it comes to the topic of schooling and education: “We don’t need no education” “How can you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree” and the classic “Life is hard just work hard in school…” Perspective.  I’ve seen people who read and pass exams, people who do not read and pass their exams, people who really read barely getting grades they deserve and people who just don’t give a bees knees about school altogether. After all this, I got to think of schooling in a different way, another mental view, a forest for the trees kind of view; my perspective.
We study an array of subjects in schools for different reasons. It’s a way of opening up our eyes. We discover what our interests are. Some students discover that the study of History fascinates them. Similarly we discover what our interests aren’t. Others think History is extremely and painfully boring. That’s okay too but that’s not where it ends. So you’ve realized that numbers aren’t your thing. Now what?
That’s where the greater aim lies. True success is achieved when you do your best. High achievers did not pass their exams solely because they were very smart and knew the capital city of Kazakhstan. Some of them got an A in Chemistry but have currently forgotten how balance the same equations that were in the exam they did. Okay, so the education system is kind of a test of memory but admit it, you do apply a bit of Mathematics and Biology even today. True success is achieved when one shows resilience and enough discipline to grasp concepts and do well in something that they didn’t necessarily enjoy. These values by and large become a part of you and you are able to succeed in whatever field you choose to pursue. Thank goodness then, that I’m able to graph a polynomial function. Even as I am now dedicating most of my life to doing what I love, I can do it very well because in addition to the passion I had originally, the knowledge in my field that I continue to gain I have discipline.
Even the synonym of the word subject speaks eloquently of one of its primary purposes. Why else do you think subjects are also called disciplines?


Ruby Nyaoro