Steady, heart,
The wind howls and sweeps dust off its feet,
Leaves laugh in branches, some are whooshed away,
Paper and grain and flowers flounce away,
Kites fly high and even the air dances to the tune of the wind’s whistle,
But when the party is over,
They fall hard.

The kite is left lifeless,
The air still,
Flowers and leaves far away from home,
Look at the trees, heart,
How they still stand, Steady,
Their roots hold them and keep them home,
Be like the trees, heart.

Or be like the hills, still and unshaken,
Through seasons and years rain falls and slides down their sides,
But they stand, steady,
Don’t be daunted, don’t be haunted,
By the seasons and the years,
By the thousands of cares,
Be brave, be wonderful, but be smart,
Steady, heart.


Jentrix Wanyama
Strathmore University,