The Noose

I whisper almost in silence
For in the silence we languish
We are a people yoked.
Chained to a belief and notion that stifles
Choking, smothering, suffocating then killing.

Today I stand tall, shouting from the rooftops
For the noose is winning and the end is nigh
We are at a crossroad, bearing two choices…
One is that languish in the mire: tribalism!
The latter is life, change and development.

In the streets and villages voices are heard
Opinions conveyed.
Most- if not all;
Springing from the same limb
The same limb guilty of choking, smothering, suffocating then killing.

Oh! How far we have fallen as a people
We have ceased being a people united
Our foundation standing on stilts
We no longer have a will
We are puppets.
To the whims
Of those who bear the noose.

Today we have a choice
Between slavery and redemption
Consider values and ideals
Not the fleeting security of ‘our tribe’.

Open your eyes you fools, listen if not for you then
For the hungry sniveling child in its mother’s arms
For your empty stomachs and pockets
For freedom, liberty and truth.

Keega Gakuua