The Perfectly Clad Gentleman

When he walks into the room you think he’s just another stranger clad in a perfect suit.
When he takes his seat,
It’s as if he has calculated a poise just to make you notice him, and it works.
You’re suddenly conscious of how you look.
Then you remember how you’d sat to know if it needs alteration.
If it does,
You make subtle changes so that he doesn’t notice.

When you’re perfectly placed, you glance in his direction.
“Thank God he’s looking elsewhere.”
You get enslaved in his aura before he actually looks at you.
You get so enticed that you forget to look away.
Then he turns in your direction.
You’re so startled you forget to react.

After a second you blush.
2 seconds later you break out into a sheepish smile.
And right then you can almost trace a smile starting at the corners of his mouth.
But you’re too nervous to wait it out.
You turn away but then you remember something you saw.

You look again.
And you can’t help but be mesmerized by those perfectly chiseled cheeks.
Those defined cheek bones are simply exquisite.
You’re so enthused you want to move closer and observe each contour.
This time he watches you.
The urge to turn away nudges you.
But this time you wait it out.

Your eyes move up until they stop on their own as if in his hands.
Those of a puppeteer.
You’re snared by those glimmering eyes
Perfectly sculpted as if they were meant to pierce your heart.
Then for a second you regain your bearings
And you look away.

The next time you look up
His eyes are on you.
You fight the urge to blush.
Your eyes seem to have missed the memo and so they sparkle.
It’s as if your body no longer serves one master.

A subconscious acceptance of this intrusion.
He pierces.
But even when he touches just the tip
The rest crumbles as if paving way for him to be engulfed into your soul.
As if you are ready to no longer stand on your own.

Finally you accept it. You smile.
He also smiles.
And as though telepathy is your language,
You both look away.
And every glance after is a perfect symphony whose only shortcoming is the people around you.


Jacqueline Njoroge (21)