The secret behind mi name!

My name is Vision Sifuma. I am writing this in my capacity as a random person online on a boring Saturday afternoon. I have been ambushed with so many questions in my seemingly short yet extremely long life. My absolutely favorite one however remains the one that is the most common. I can bet that you too are wondering about this. Before I talk about this however, perhaps an icebreaker would be convenient. So I was just thinking to myself, what is so romantic in milkshake that is not in porridge? After all aren’t they both thick sweet fluids that come in different flavors. If a young man took a lady out for porridge, would she take him seriously? Think about it. This icebreaker really has nothing to do with the subject matter of this topic. Just a random thing you could think about.
I have constantly been teased with statement such as “Vision, I see you”, or even better, “I have a vision” not forgetting the numerous people who have titled me as “vision 2030” after Kenya’s target of economic progress. Could it really get any worse?
Actually, it could. The name becomes more ironic because I actually use a pair of spectacles to help me see better. So there is this new joke in town, “your name is vision yet you cannot see?” I actually like that one. A friend even told me that I should start an eyewear company and name it ‘vision eyewear’ so that I can always take a pair of glasses for free to help me look for my usual glasses that I always seem to lose
The most embarrassing experience however came when I tried registering for “facebook attempt one”. After the whole process of typing my name and email address etc, I got some strange feedback “we do not accept names of companies and organizations”. I was traumatized for days. Even so, that name is as special as the person who bears it. I guess I should now answer the question at hand.
I was named by my father. I have always imagined that my parents wanted a boy for a firstborn. Well that may or may not be true; I will confirm this at a future time. Sometime before my birth and this is true, my father envisioned me in his sleep. He once told me that he saw himself walking with a little girl in Uhuru Park. Two days later, his wife, my mother bore a girl and he saw it fit to name me Vision. As a confirmation, he picked out a photo from one of our old albums and told me that this was indeed the picture he saw. It was a picture of us at Uhuru Park on my sixth birthday. He must be a prophet of some sort, I thought.
Well, I am Vision because I have five eyes; clearly four are on my face and the fifth in my heart. I see beyond the surface and the façade of life and right now online friend, I see you and value you very much. Now for all of you out there looking for new teasing techniques, I have my eyes on you.
As I conclude, I would like to make reference to my earlier icebreaker and say, it is not just the quantity of the date but the quality of it that matters.
Till the next boring afternoon.
Vanilla Vision.


Sifuma Vision (20)