Honestly, I could not put it in words, but then my fantasy may never last. He would never recognise me- I was this shy girl from work and yet people are known to like confident women. In addition, my attire was just unique- probably not in a good way (I always wore multicolored clothes). Surprisingly this time, he held the stare and I was the one who pulled away biting my lip. I continued listening to the speaker, “I would like everyone to be in groups of six. You do not have to come from the same organisation. Agree on marketing ideas that you would propose to a start-up fashion company that is failing greatly. No Google, just brains. You can all stand.”

I looked around- the sitting arrangement was in twos. Regardless of the fact that the speaker said we should be in groups of mixed organizations, I could see people who knew each other rushing to be in the same group. Even Andy was in a group. I sat down, wondering how to approach a group of people I never knew. “Hey”, I looked up. It was the guy. “You can join our group we are only four and all the other groups are full.”  He looked so hot and this is not an exaggeration. “Ok”, I managed a murmur, stood up and followed his lead. In the group he introduced himself as Isaac. “So who has got any ideas?”  He said looking directly at me. I saw Andy looking at me as he gave me a heads-up. This was going to be a long day .I looked down as a girl started talking, “I think social corporate responsibility is a great approach.”  “Explain it please,” Isaac, asked her. I could hear his baritone voice resonating in my head. It would be so weird if I did not participate. I just had to talk. “Therefore” she continued, “I would advise the company to assist the community and publicise the issue by calling the media. They could clean an area like the slums in the city. Feed children ensuring it all fits their budget.” “That is a great idea,” Isaac said smiling. “Ivana what do you think?” This was my time of reckoning. “I would suggest that they use social media a lot, they could start a website, which is affordable and approach individuals with great social media presence to wear their clothes and post it in sites like Instagram and Facebook and tag the company. “That is also a great idea,” Isaac said smiling at me .I smiled back- at least our first mutual agreement .Oh great, now am thinking of a future with him. He started talking and I swear I did not hear anything except another line of business. He looked so hot I almost drooled and then his accent- he sounded like he came from South Africa and his words were perfectly articulated. “What do you people think?”  He asked removing me from my reverie. Everyone nodded in affirmation. “That is enough,” the speaker announced,” you can now go to your seats.” I stood up and I felt a hand hold me back. I looked up and it was Isaac. I smiled and he released my hand. “Hey can we go get supper together after this?” I bit my lip- a purely unconscious move. “Cool,” I answered. “So you will wait for me?” he asked and I just nodded, I was speechless. I went to my seat.

For the rest of the session I did not concentrate. What if I behaved stupidly before him? At the end of it, I looked around for Andy. I waved at him and he headed towards my direction smiling. “So what did Mr. Hotshot say to you with his superhot lips?” Andy asked I glared at him then told him we had to leave quickly. We quickly headed out of the building. I did not want to have a moment with Isaac since I was too nervous. We headed back to our hotel where I started packing promising to meet Andy after an hour for the evening meal. After I finished packing I undressed, covered myself in my towel. That is when I heard a knock at my door. “Andy, I said thirty minutes.” He did not reply. I walked to the door slowly. It was at 8pm and I surely hoped it was not anything scary. I opened the door slightly and there he was, Isaac. He smiled at me- that smile was surely something to crave for. “You tried to bail on me.” “How did you know my room?” I asked him, “Your friend Andy told me. You owe me a date. I know you are leaving tomorrow.” “Okay let me dress.” I told him trying to pull my towel up but he stared at my chest and then looked at my face and his eyes darkened .I closed the door to go dress. What should I wear? I had this black body fitting dress that I was saving for a special date but was too scared to wear. I was blessed with curves amply, though as mentioned earlier I am not that confident.

I put on that black dress, applied lipstick, sprayed perfume and hairspray, and left the room. Surprisingly he was just there. “You look great,” he told me- I did not catch him staring at me from head to toe. What a gentleman. We took the elevator and as cliché as I wanted it to be, the elevator did not malfunction instead it was an awkward moment as none of us spoke heading to the ground floor. He let me head out first then guided me to a reserved table where there was a waiter there already. “I hope you are not a vegetarian since I ordered the specials. The food was brought and as we ate, he asked me what I did for my company, my age, which he found extremely young for my job. “I am 22 and the head marketing director for my company,” He was 33 and the owner of a prestigious company in South Africa as I had guessed .He was just not in my league. What was he doing with me, a commoner and probably under age in this situation? “You are very beautiful and super shy,” he told me this time with a serious look on his face. I just smiled, that is my usual response to compliments. He softly ran his hand across my jaw and I bit my lip again wanting more of his touch on my skin. I looked into his eyes and I leaned towards his hands then closed my eyes. Oh lord! What was I doing? I never knew this guy but I was already falling for him. Okay, maybe not, but I was definitely attracted to him.

“Sir would you like dessert.” It was the waiter. It broke us out of our short fantasy as he removed his hand from my cheek and at once, I felt like I was missing something. I practically sighed sadly loud enough for him to hear that he looked at me. “We are good,” The waiter left us and in that moment, I had time to think. I had never had a boyfriend and maybe Isaac was expecting me for a one-night stand. I could not do it. “Is everything okay?” he asked me with his freaking gorgeous eyes boring into mine. No! I will not be convinced by them and push away what I have forever stood for. “Yes. It is getting late and my plane is leaving at six so I have to retire to bed. I also have to speak to Andy before I sleep.” “Okay I will walk you to your room,” he told me smiling. Ok now he was being perfect. Reaching the door of my room, I removed my key and I was unsure as to whether I should hug him or just thank him and tell him goodnight. I stretched my hand at him. He smiled and hugged me instead. As I was pulling away from him, I felt this cohesive feeling like the doorway was too small, and he was a magnet. He brushed his lips against my jaw and I was in the ninth planet or whatever. His lips moved directly to my mouth and he seized my mouth without caution- taking his time to discover. I synchronised my movements with him- our tongues met, he bit my lip. It was my first kiss- nothing compared to what I had ever read about. However, it was all at the wrong time. I smoothly pushed him away. “Isaac, I have to go,” I told him. He smiled against my lips, biting my upper lip again. I moved closer approaching him for another kiss, betraying my words. “Ivana!” Oh no Andy.  I pushed Isaac. This time a bit roughly…


Aburili Ivanarita Leona (20)
Student of Bachelor of Commerce