Did you ever imagine yourself being where you are currently? Holding positions you currently do? Living the life you currently afford? Good or bad.

Well, for some it might have been rather obvious; this is your dream career coming to light, everything turning out how you expected whereas, others marvel at what the journey of life has been… Making friends out of strangers and quite often the dear friends till death do us part becoming strangers.

I never had a plan joining University, but I did hope that it would be the best years of my life. I anticipated making new friends who would last a lifetime, keeping tabs on my old friends and remaining as close as we were. The greatest hope of all that makes me laugh my heart out is the dream fairy-tale I waited to unfold.

Nothing ever prepares you for the reality of life. Not the myriad bible verses you memorised as a child, nor the lessons learnt from other peoples ‘mistakes’. When the time comes, you make a choice from the cards you are dealt with. Most of the time they aren’t the cards you would have hoped for but either way you have to make a move, and everyone is watching, stakes are high. These are the moments that shape you.

Much is said about positivity, happiness, well-being, mental health, self-awareness, peace the list goes on. I will sum it all in three letters YOU. Circumstances coming our way that we did not envision is inevitable. There is no perfect ending, perfect life BUT you can still have your fairy-tale. Disclaimer: It would not end like the ones you’ve heard before because the characters and the director are different. You are the lead role; the sole director and as always portrayed in films, the star overcomes pretty much everything.

I am glad to have realised early in life that I have control over my mental health, self-value and everything else within my reach. In these four years I would probably have made different choices, had totally different outcomes, some I wish I could. Nevertheless, I do not regret. In your journey of life, You are the author of your book, the composer of your song, the judge of your case, your own architect… Never be put on anyone’s weighing scale. They do not have your cards, know your song, the facts of your case or the structure of your plan.

Ps: This is not advice for I am barely old enough to give some. Take it as you will; with a pinch of salt, herbal- I would suggest- for your health’s sake.


Anjella Omondi (21)

4th Year LLB Student