From far away

Por Juan José Salinas.

Won’t you say who you are,
old mystery?
Watching me from a star,
silent and free.

But if you do not speak I’ll call you “my love”.
Lost love whose voice seems gone, but keeps on caring.

From far away
you will pull the thread some day.
And just one twitch,
maybe two or three will do.

For even though we run faster than time does,
no one is fast enough for your touch.

Will you listen to my song?
It’s not a hit.
I know maybe it’s all wrong,
but I speak through it.

Hardly a dream I know is not wrapped in music.
And I know you sing along. I wish I could hear you.

From far way
a new song will sound someday.
And birds will stare
as the notes caress the earth.

Those who were icy stones will break out in laughter.
And in your melody
I’ll be lost.


Juan José Salinas (43)