To Martin

Por Lucrecia Moreno Fleming.

Love of my life,
today I thought about living my time
because someone said
Otherwise you won’t live it twice.

Love of my life,
Today I thought about running away.
My bags are packed, so
don’t even think of holding me back.

Love of my life,
Nothing’s gonna stop me now,
not even a safety chain,
so you can let me go and wish me well,

Love of my life,
you really shock my world.
When I think about you
Even my fragile soul turns courageous.

Love of my life,
I spend my nights without you
—Only loneliness in my heart;
I’m just a pale face and, my eyes,
cloudy woods and dim vales.

Love of my life,
I’m trembling with fear,
shield me from harm.
I’m losing my mind,
relieve my tantalized spirit
and hold me back.

Love of my life,
Someone told me one day
There is not an easy way:
Valuable things in this earth
Are those you only earn
By fighting till the closing stages,
By struggling till the end.
So, love of my life,
you are the light shining in the dark,
Prove your bravery
and please give fight!
Love of my life,
you finally found me,
cover me warmly and
delight my highest hope.

There’s no time to lose
Because if I never join you
My sorrows would never end,
Mine would be the pain.

Because no love, my love,
must be called true love
whenever an abyss
rests heavy between our lives.


Lucrecia Moreno Fleming (25)
Estudiante de Derecho