Por SUR.

«Catch the wind» she said.
A lifetime can pass before this happens,
it’s the cry of a crowd desperate
to get a hold of something,
anything from this life.

Doesn’t matter, there’s no time,
no time at all,
even Time itself is running out of time,
jumping from second to second
in an endless waltz of craziness,
completely overwhelmed.

What can you do against this?
Some say laugh, others cry,
the optimistic dance,
the fighters, fight.

I say nothing, but then
what could I say?
None, or all of the above.

It all sounds like a road to something,
and what that is
is the exact beat of the worlds’ waltz.
Another dance, another laugh,
another tear, another fight.

Men don’t really seek happiness,
we seek questions to answer.
That’s our blessing and curse.

So dance,
or fight.

Or not.

A new question is lying there for you.
Let’s run for it.
I know I’m already running