Wal-Mart World

Por Corporal Ethan.

Give me convenience, and give it in gross,
I want it for cheap, I must get the most,

Sell me the things I don’t even need,
Consumer driven nation, lusting to feed,

Hit me with one pound of coffee, but why not buy 20?
People are starving, but me I have plenty.

We complain about gas prices, but we should look instead,
At how the people of Darfur are KILLING for bread,

We conform our lives to fit the cookie cutter mould,
Allowing the contemporary cultures’ grip to take hold,

Do what is right, to your beliefs be true,
Ignore mainstream media, you know what to do,

In the struggle against materialism, I’m losing the fight,
I want my vices, new clothes, fast food; destructive commerical might,

I suppose I should not complain,
To those same standards I maintain,

I’m off to CostCo, I hear there’s a sale,
$50 for 300 gallons of Ginger ale

Corporal Ethan (22)
United States Marine Corps