I had to

Por Gustavo Morales.


I had to, I had to take the chance,

Not for myself, but for the moment itself.

I never thought I’d ever jump,

Cliff, fear, fly, doubt… and fall.


Everything was so gray,

Blue notes swimming in an ocean of air,

True uncertain coming death,

The nose was red, and so the brain was deaf.


Oh, red lips of silence,

Taking me to the unknown void,

Through my thousand fears, a glimpse and tears,

To the darkness of your sleep, I’m trying to avoid.


I had to try,

So the unknown would become certain,

So the words pouring out of my bleeding heart,

Would find another heart to rest.


Don’t overthink the leap

Be absorbed by the beauty of your lips;

Damned void; the void now I consider mine

Why don’t you try, come join me,

Come let’s fly, die, together.


Gustavo Morales