Stereotypes. A reply to Agustina Morán

Pondering over Agustina’s argument…

Stereotypes, precognitions, they are just part of life. Even though we can struggle against them, they will always be there, in a dark corner of our mind. When you see someone, what do you see? Do you truly see the person in front of you or you just see trough that dim little window you chose to call reality, your own personal, unique truth, and fail to see what you really ought to see? If that is so, there are as many truths as human beings in the world.

We judge, we always do, and we try to impose our thoughts. We lack tolerance up to the most amusing point. But we will always judge, that’s one thing we will never cease to do.

Men, women, it’s all the same, we are all the same. We need to face the facts and embrace our differences. Not in a depictive way, but merely in an objective one. We have set our minds upon a wrong goal. Why try to understand each other? Why not instead accept each other, embrace our differences that, nevertheless, allow us to bond ourselves to the ones we love? Isn’t love’s ultimate form acknowledging one another, isn’t love just all about acceptance?

Who can understand himself? We are not even able to achieve this, let alone understand one another. That’s why I say don’t try to do so, don’t waste your time arguing about trivialities, just accept others for what they are, not for what you think they are. Amongst these troubled times, tolerance is the key to salvation.

Gastón Brait